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  Since I've been doing genealogy, several people have commented on how connected everyone seems to be in this area of Louisiana. I've been searching for a way to show relationships on the internet for some time now, and this is my latest attempt. The "Genealogy" section is a collection of linked family group sheets. Any name that is highlighted is a link to that person's family group sheet where he or she is listed.

  "Research Aids" are links to cemetery listings, obituaries, and funeral home records that I have found invaluable to researching family history in Sabine Parish. I'm still adding obituaries from the Sabine Index as I have time.

  "What's New" shows the latest updates and uploads.

  Many people have contributed to this effort. Most of my research has been in the Converse area of Sabine Ph., but I was fortunate enough to meet Tammy Larche, who had an extensive database in the Florien area, which she shared with me. I've tried to verify, as much as possible, information through census records, cemetery listings, obituaries, and any other sources I could find. However, some information came from oral traditions and could not be rigorously verified. In the interest of privacy, I've limited dates to those over 80 years old unless the individual is deceased.

  This is a work in progress, and I will try to update occasionally. If you find mistakes or have anything you would like to add, please let me hear from you. You can email me by clicking "Comments".

  This web site was intended to support my hobby of genealogy. However, I have grandchildren playing high school sports at Florien, and we try to keep track of their games. "Florien High School Sports" is a section dedicated to that end.

                 Carl Dilbeck